Islam – Who Are The Bad Guys?

Muslim Girl
Thought I'd share this compelling video narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

The Butterfly Effect (or how I flirted with death and lived to tell about it)

Donna and I have been quite busy lately, working on a long list of projects in an effort to prepare our house for sale. We're downsizing as I've retired from my day job in the hope that I'll be able to put more focus on my writing and my 'Search The Bible' Internet mission activities. But busy...

Was It Something I Said?

How often have you and your significant other spent hours or days arguing or not speaking because of some real or imagined slight or error? The world just isn't right during those times, you can't think straight, you can't relax, your sleep is disturbed. Your life remains unsettled until the matter is made right and you're once again reconciled...

So How Does That Make You Feel?

1 John 4:8
Feelings, nothing more than feelings... so went the lyrics of the one-hit wonder written by Louis Gasté and recorded by Morris Albert in 1974. A huge hit at the time, the song went on to gain a reputation as the ultimate example of cheesy, banal 1970's soft rock. But the opening words of that song heralded a new era that was to develop in popular entertainment...

The Anatomy of Hate

Girl Smiling with Bible
One of my categories here is "Spiritual Battles" where I write about issues I believe are directly related to the ongoing warfare between Satan, as represented by the Fallen World, and the Kingdom of God, as represented by His Church, i.e. Christians. The enemy's attacks against us range from the outrageous, unconscionable acts of terrorism and murder...