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Racist or Culturist?

Library at Ephesus
There are many separate groupings of humanity that adhere to different and varied world views and practices. We call these groupings cultures. Cultures have come and gone throughout history, making an accumulated contribution to the cultures currently practiced around the world. We have rich archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptian, Roman, Aztec and Ethiopian cultures to name just a few. Depending on how...

The Queendom of God

A queen on her throne
Its time for churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, that is the Church of England, the Anglican Church and the Episcopalian Church, to change the gender of God. I'm not kidding. Apparently this is a thing. Support is growing to amend their official liturgies to refer to God as a female. The Transformations Steering Group, a body...

The Thirty-Percent Solution

The 30% Solution
Imagine you were one of the richest people in the world. Wouldn't that be wonderful? If you're reading this article in sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, Somalia or any so-called under-developed country, you imagine a secure place to live with indoor plumbing and an adequate supply of food and potable water, perhaps a school to educate your children. And a job. If you're in North...

Let Them Eat Cake?

Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage
Here we go again. A judge has ruled that a bakery cannot refuse make cakes bearing a pro-gay marriage message, even though it offends the owner's Christian beliefs. A Belfast bakery declined to make a cake bearing an image of Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie with the caption, "Support Gay Marriage". The customer (gay rights activist Gareth Lee),...

LGBT – Stopping the Hatred

Girl Smiling with Bible
...If we take our faith seriously, and if we accept the teachings of Jesus, it follows that we should show all humanity, LGBT or otherwise, our unconditional Christian love. One of the LGBT mantras is, "Feel the love," and the Christian religion is all about God's love. But unfortunately there's not much love around when it...

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