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Just Another Day in the Post Christian Era

2 Chronicles 7:14
A tale of two moralities. Morality #1 You've probably heard about the Ashley Madison data breach. If you haven't here's the abbreviated version: Ashley Madison is an Internet service that facilitates extra-marital affairs. Their tagline is, "Life is short, have an affair." They're essentially an Internet dating service for married people seeking to cheat on their spouse. They have about 30...

Racist or Culturist?

Library at Ephesus
There are many separate groupings of humanity that adhere to different and varied world views and practices. We call these groupings cultures. Cultures have come and gone throughout history, making an accumulated contribution to the cultures currently practiced around the world. We have rich archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptian, Roman, Aztec and Ethiopian cultures to name just a few. Depending on how...

LGBT in the Media

Danger Wrong Way Highway Sign
In my previous post on this topic I told you about the not-so-same-sex couple Victor and Mabel. Before I continue I'd like to make something perfectly clear in case my readers got the wrong impression. Victor and Mabel (not their real names) are members of my extended family. They are loved and accepted and they...

Same Sex Marriage, LGBTQ and the whole gender thing

Wedding Rings with Scripture
There's nothing like a good controversial topic to kick off what I hope will become a relevant and thought-provoking blog. Possibly at the top of the temptation scale, sexuality gets humanity in a lot of trouble. So you're a Bible-thumping card-carrying born-again Christian. You've learned that homosexuality is a sin. It says so in the Bible. You may not be...

The Syrian Refugee Crisis – A Christian Dilemma?

Matthew 5:9
Back in the 1980's we lived in a neighborhood of respectable lower middle class homes in north-east Toronto. Semi-detached and row housing, low-rent apartments and the like. Our row house backed onto a public school property with an adjacent park and a walking trail. Serenity in the suburbs. Every morning I would walk to the bus stop at...

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