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The US Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Mark 12:17
Just some thoughts. The US supreme court have decided in their wisdom that the states must recognize same sex marriage. This means... The states must issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Individuals are legally allowed to marry people of the same sex in the USA. The states must recognize same sex marriages that were solemnized in other jurisdictions. This does...

Let Them Eat Cake?

Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage
Here we go again. A judge has ruled that a bakery cannot refuse make cakes bearing a pro-gay marriage message, even though it offends the owner's Christian beliefs. A Belfast bakery declined to make a cake bearing an image of Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie with the caption, "Support Gay Marriage". The customer (gay rights activist Gareth Lee),...

LGBT – Stopping the Hatred

Girl Smiling with Bible
...If we take our faith seriously, and if we accept the teachings of Jesus, it follows that we should show all humanity, LGBT or otherwise, our unconditional Christian love. One of the LGBT mantras is, "Feel the love," and the Christian religion is all about God's love. But unfortunately there's not much love around when it...

The Syrian Refugee Crisis – A Christian Dilemma?

Matthew 5:9
Back in the 1980's we lived in a neighborhood of respectable lower middle class homes in north-east Toronto. Semi-detached and row housing, low-rent apartments and the like. Our row house backed onto a public school property with an adjacent park and a walking trail. Serenity in the suburbs. Every morning I would walk to the bus stop at...

Just Another Day in the Post Christian Era

2 Chronicles 7:14
A tale of two moralities. Morality #1 You've probably heard about the Ashley Madison data breach. If you haven't here's the abbreviated version: Ashley Madison is an Internet service that facilitates extra-marital affairs. Their tagline is, "Life is short, have an affair." They're essentially an Internet dating service for married people seeking to cheat on their spouse. They have about 30...

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