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The Wrong Prayer

Prayer Meeting
I watched the local news on TV last night. There was a story about the naming of three new vessels in our coastal ferry fleet. The names were allegedly chosen from those suggested by the public in a contest. The coastal waters here primarily consist of the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, and the Juan de Fuca Strait. Our ever so politically...

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Isaiah 5:15-16
Just some off-the-cuff thoughts on this story. Mrs. Davis has a dilemma in that her position as county clerk, under the law, requires her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples  - a requirement that is understandably at odds with her Christian faith. If she can't come to terms with this requirement, perhaps she needs to resign. There aren't a lot of Christian...

The Syrian Refugee Crisis – A Christian Dilemma?

Matthew 5:9
Back in the 1980's we lived in a neighborhood of respectable lower middle class homes in north-east Toronto. Semi-detached and row housing, low-rent apartments and the like. Our row house backed onto a public school property with an adjacent park and a walking trail. Serenity in the suburbs. Every morning I would walk to the bus stop at...


Wedding Rings with Scripture
So why, as Christians, are we so agitated about same sex marriage, LGBTQ and the whole gender thing? We established yesterday that humanity is already a little messed up in the sexuality department - in fact, since the Garden of Eden, we've been quite capable of getting ourselves in trouble without the help of LGBTQ advocates. So what's changed? ...we heterosexual...

Racist or Culturist?

Library at Ephesus
There are many separate groupings of humanity that adhere to different and varied world views and practices. We call these groupings cultures. Cultures have come and gone throughout history, making an accumulated contribution to the cultures currently practiced around the world. We have rich archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptian, Roman, Aztec and Ethiopian cultures to name just a few. Depending on how...

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